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Before You Buy New – Check with Highmark!

By November 16, 2022November 17th, 2022No Comments

Our client, Gandolfo’s Deli, had been successfully using an HME 2000 drive thru system for decades. But recently, they started to experience equipment failures on a frequent basis. Upgrading to a new HME EOS system would cost $5100 – an expense they had not budgeted for.

Because we’re vendor agnostic, Highmark puts our clients’ needs first – staying within their budget while providing equipment that delivers a quality drive thru experience for their customers.

In the case of Gandolfo’s Deli, we were able to renew their system with a refurbished HME ION IQ Drive Thru headset system base, two refurbished HME Odyssey wireless headsets, a new order point speaker and microphone, and three new batteries for only $2,367 – less than half the cost of a new system. This was the perfect answer to the problem, especially since supply chain issues make it difficult to know when drive thru headset equipment will ship for upgrades.

Highmark’s experienced techs are experts at diagnosing drive thru headset equipment problems and providing a prognosis in terms of whether there’s life left in a system, or the customer needs to go with a new one. When your headsets start to buzz, your microphones begin to cut out, or your menu display board begins to flicker, let us help you find the best alternative – or combination of alternatives – such as refurbished products or repairing your existing equipment.

A client’s first inclination may be to turn to the equipment manufacturer for solutions to drive thru equipment issues. But their response is inevitably a recommendation to purchase new products. As Warren Buffet says, “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut!” If you ask a headset manufacturer for the solution to problems with your legacy system, they’ll undoubtedly tell you about “the latest and greatest” in a pitch to sell you a new system. Highmark will give you your options.

Every drive thru communication system is different. Some 20-year-old systems may operate well under most conditions while some 3-year-old systems regularly create the aggravation that goes along with inconsistent performance.

Refurbished equipment will often meet your needs completely, with a much lower price tag. Sometimes, a simple headset or base station repair is all that’s needed with substantially less expense than buying new. Highmark Protection Program options streamline the repair process and reduce drive thru operating costs. Look for more information about this next month.

Our expert technicians troubleshoot drive thru equipment every day and do it exceptionally well. We know what works, what breaks, and we understand your frustration when there’s a disruption to the high standards you set for your customers’ experience – standards they have come to expect. And most important – we know how to put together the quickest, most cost-effective, reliable solution for your specific needs.

Before you hand over the big bucks, look to Highmark to present all your options. Not every situation requires the latest, greatest equipment, and certainly not the most expensive. We want to provide you with the best solutions to elevate your drive thru – and we can help you keep your drive thru humming without emptying your pockets. Let’s talk!

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