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Could Repairs Be Any Easier?

By December 2, 2022December 7th, 2022No Comments

Our Before You Buy New blog outlined alternatives to buying new equipment when your drive thru hum turns to static. Refurbished equipment can often meet your needs, but sometimes repair is the best – and most affordable – solution. Even better, Highmark Protection Programs reduce the cost of drive thru repairs – and the stress that can come with them – to non-issues and ensure that the rhythm of your drive thru doesn’t miss a beat.

Our client, Utah Burger King, is a great example of how effortless and affordable repairs can be. As a participant in our exchange program, they were able to have five broken HME EOS drive thru headsets repaired. Instead of paying for repair as they go, they paid the annual cost of the program and still saved $317!

Our upgraded Exchange Maintenance Agreement (EMA) program is called Highmark PINNACLE. Here’s how it works: If you’re enrolled in the program and your drive thru headset breaks, a simple call, text, or email to Highmark is all it takes. We send you replacement headsets, you send us the broken ones, and you’re all set and back in business – there’s no bill for shipping or repair. Your only cost is the $756 annual fee per location. Drive thru headsets that are great candidates for repair include: HME EOS, Chrome, ION, Odyssey; 3m PAR G5, XT-1; and most Panasonic headsets. In addition, you get free shipping on any parts or accessory purchases made during the year plus 10% off parts and field service rates. The height of repair service, Highmark PINNACLE gives you virtually complete repair coverage (excluding only batteries and vehicle detection loops). It’s the perfect choice for owners that want one flat price to ensure everything just works.

If you’re not ready for the pinnacle of service, you can still get a great deal with Highmark EDGE for $132 annual fee per location. In this program, like PINNACLE, you will get free phone support, free shipping, and complimentary concierge install. Instead of free, you’ll get 50% off advanced exchange and 10% off repair and field service fees.

If you choose to not take part in a protection program, you can pay as you go. We call this PAYGO. You’ll pay an advanced exchange fee for each broken item which you’ll send to us for repair, and we’ll send you replacement equipment to use going forward. We will invoice you for the repair, advanced exchange fee, and shipping costs. If you don’t elect advanced exchange, we’ll provide you with a UPS label with which you can send in the broken equipment for repair, which will be done within two to four weeks, but there is no replacement equipment in the meantime.

If you’re unsure what route to take when your drive thru headsets or other equipment needs repair, contact us – our technicians will be happy to lend their expertise. We troubleshoot drive thru equipment every day and love easing your frustration, minimizing disruptions, and coming up with the perfect solution for your individual situation and your budget. We’ll make sure you have the right technology so you can focus on your customers and keep your drive thru humming.

Learn more about our Protection Programs and let us know if you have questions.

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