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Creating Buzz with Technology: Ziggi’s Coffee Becomes State-of-the-Art

By April 11, 2022May 3rd, 2022No Comments
Ziggis Coffee Drive-thru

Everyone knows there’s nothing better than a quick cup of coffee to shake off that morning brain fog or ward off a mid-afternoon slump. That’s why specialty coffee shop and drive thru, Ziggi’s Coffee, prides itself on fast, friendly service.

Always looking for ways to ensure superior customer experience, owner Dana Hunsinger contacted Highmark when designing her stores to discuss the technologies she could utilize and stay within her budget. Dana was also concerned about making sure her locations in Federal Heights, Aurora, and Lakewood, Colorado, are secure and her teams safe.

“What makes Highmark different is we are not a manufacturer, so we are not married to one brand,” explains Highmark CEO Alex Vorobieff. “We combine the very best technologies to create a solution that is both affordable and excels at meeting our customers’ needs.”

After talking with Dana, Paul Gillings, Vice President at Highmark, assessed her needs and locations, ultimately implementing a comprehensive plan using state-of-the-art technology:

  • HD Headsets and music enrich the experience: To ensure customers and employees could communicate effectively and experience a great environment, Highmark provided the HME EOS high definition, drive-thru, headset communication system and designed it to provide music throughout the shops for both the customers and team members to enjoy.
  • HME Zoom50 Timers improve productivity: With drive-thru timers, each customer’s time in the drive-thru can now be monitored onsite and remotely to ensure orders are served quickly. Timer gamification also adds an element of fun for the team. Employees compete with their own best scores and with other stores. Dana was hiring competitive volleyball players in her stores and knew they would like the daily competition. When Ziggi’s corporate team saw how well timers worked for franchisees like Dana, they made them standard equipment for all Ziggi’s stores.
  • Cameras and automation enhance security: Using IP cameras Highmark installed, Dana can view the drive thru and inside the store from the convenience of her phone, ensuring the security of her employees and locations.

Highmark also set up the stores with intrusion detection systems so Dana can verify that the shops open and close on time. For example, she receives alerts if a shop is opened late.

Highmark added panic buttons to the alarm system to improve team member safety, especially when people are alone and opening the store in the early morning hours. And an auto-arm feature locks up at closing, even if the last person out forgets.

In addition, the Ziggi’s locations are now set up with the automation capability to add future features – such as geofence – which can track users and turn on lights, heat, or other functions for team members when they are on their way to the store.

“Alex and Paul are great to work with and they actually answer their phones and texts. In today’s world, that just does not happen,” Dana says. In addition, the entire implementation was all done at a low cost to Ziggi’s. The result was better peace of mind for Dana and her employees, as well as boosted employee engagement and productivity – all of which translate into a better bottom line.

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