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Creative Cost Savings Takes Birdcall Dive Thru to New Heights

By June 10, 2022July 12th, 2022No Comments

Birdcall prides itself in serving up 100% all-natural chicken and creating a positive impact in local communities. Unfortunately, Birdcall’s associates were frustrated with the poor audio quality that was making it difficult to communicate with their drive thru customers. The location of the menu relative to the microphone and speaker, plus noise from nearby traffic, were degrading clarity, making it difficult to provide the superior hospitality and service they promised. It also put a damper on worker enthusiasm.

In addition, Birdcall needed a more efficient way to update their menu displays. As a very visual brand, they change them frequently. The challenge was that updates were being done via a zip drive that was driven from store to store, where updates were uploaded manually to each individual screen. They needed a way to make the process faster and easier.

When Birdcall’s IT Manager got in touch with Highmark’s sales and service team, Danny Salazaar, service rep, got right to work evaluating their existing technology and future needs. With cost efficiency in mind, he suggested that a new system, rather than an upgrade, would be the most effective and affordable option over the long term. Knowing drive thru equipment isn’t “one-size-fits-all,” Danny presented a variety of restaurant headsets and audio solutions. Sound quality was key, so it was important for Birdcall’s IT team to hear the difference for themselves, as well as to learn more about system features so they could choose the best solution for their logistical needs and business model. Together, they reviewed multiple options and decided on a new audio system that would take them into the future.

For the display update and synchronization issues, Danny introduced Birdcall to a digital display partner who networked their displays, enabling them to push content remotely instead of loading it manually screen by screen. Along with the new audio system, this improved the employee experience and made it much easier to deliver on Birdcall’s promise for superior hospitality and service. Birdcall was delighted with the ability to look over a number of options in order to make an educated decision, which made all the difference.

“The best part,” added Danny, “was the look on the associate’s face the first time he put on a new head set and was able to clearly hear the what the customer wanted. That happy look said it all.”

“We love being creative with low voltage design and helping our customers find the most cost-effective solutions,” explained Highmark CEO, Alex Vorobieff. “We’re proud to have been able to improve the employee and customer experiences and make it easier for Birdcall to deliver on its promise for superior hospitality and service – all while supporting their bottom line.”

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