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Drive Thru Technology – It’s Not Just for QSRs

By June 24, 2022July 11th, 2022No Comments

The pandemic created the need for social distancing, out of which grew opportunities for businesses to optimize customer service and revenues by offering new options for buying their products and services. These options included in-store and curbside pickup along with an increase in the use of drive thrus.

Commonly used by quick-serve restaurants, banks, pharmacies (and wedding chapels in Las Vegas!), drive thru demand has evolved to include medical testing facilities, liquor stores, dry cleaners, coffee shops, and a host of food and sweet shops. Veterinarians used curbside drop off of pets for appointments during the pandemic and some have chosen to continue that option for certain types of services. Highmark even helped a food bank set up a drive thru during the pandemic!

Consumers have come to expect great drive thru experiences from quick-serve restaurants, and now curbside pickup options from grocery, hardware, and retail stores must rise to the same standard. Providing this service without the right technology creates inconvenience for customers and inefficiencies and added costs for businesses.

Here’s an example: We all know people who have shopped online and call in when they arrive for pick up, only to get no answer – a frustrating experience for the customer that also paints the store in a bad light.

Businesses that offer curbside pickup can simplify their processes and improve the customer experience using drive thru technology. Remote monitoring that facilitates notifying employees when a customer has arrived, solves the problem. If your business is not physically structured such that a drive thru seems possible, there are many options for alerting your team when    customers arrive to pick up their orders including in-ground sensors, pick up stalls with built in audio connectivity, and AI camera systems.

“We love opportunities to be creative! We present options objectively and help our customers find cost-effective solutions that will help their business most,” explained Highmark CEO, Alex Vorobieff. “Our satisfaction comes from helping to improve both the employee and customer experiences and equipping each business to deliver its very best.”

Whether your business is adding a drive thru from the ground up, needs better curbside pickup options, or just needs to improve your existing technology, Highmark can help you up your game. We’ll help you provide the high quality, customer experiences that the right technology delivers. When you need sound design, headsets, interactive video displays, remote monitoring, or video surveillance, our sales and service team will evaluate your existing equipment, listen to your needs, and suggest the most efficient, effective, and affordable, long-term solution for your business.

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