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Before It’s Too Late

Drive Thru Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program

How much does it cost you when your drive thru is down?

For just $143 per location per year, we inspect your equipment, provide a complete report, and perform 2 hours of preventive maintenance to keep your drive thru in prime condition.

We’re the drive thru experts. So we know how it is. It’s hot out there. Or it’s cold out there. Or too wet or icy or windy. Or crowded. Or, or, or.

It’s never a good time for drive thru maintenance. But it’s always a worse time for your drive thru to be slowed down – or worse, shut down – because preventive maintenance was deferred.

We get it, you know what you do, but you’re not technicians. The good news is: we are. We know your technology literally inside and out.


Common problems our drive thru PM program prevents:

  • Order point sound quality deterioration – causing delays and frustration for employees and customers
  • Searching for batteries that will hold a charge through rush hour
  • Grime covered, broken headsets
  • Ground sensor deterioration preventing accurate vehicle detection

You focus on your customers. We’ll make sure your technology performs at its best!


Drive Thru Big 6 Inspection

Our experts will come onsite every year to check out the most common points of failure in drive thrus.


Speaker post


Base station








Stack cameras

Condition Report

You don’t have to wait for what ifs. We provide a comprehensive report so you can plan the timing and budget for future maintenance.

  • Status of vehicle detection loops: are the vehicle detections loops good or likely to fail in near future
  • Status of Speaker & Mic: replaced or last known date of installation
  • Base station model: age, software version and headset compatibility
  • Headsets: quantity of headsets operable and inoperable
  • Batteries: age & quantity of batteries
  • Battery Charger: condition & number of slots
  • Timer: summary of timer settings
  • Stack Cameras: camera resolution and quality of picture for team members

Preventive Maintenance:

Removing built up dirt and grime, performing small repairs, making adjustments – what our technicians can do in 2 hours, will extend the life of your technology and keep your drive thru generating income.

And the best news? When you join our program, we’ll work for 2 hours, but only charge you for 1*!

Additional Savings:

  • 10% off any items needing repair or any parts used onsite
  • 10% of labor costs for additional onsite work requested (including sawcuts for new vehicle detection loops, replacing speaker & mics, cameras, swapping base stations, etc.)


  • Avoid after hour service calls
  • Increase productivity of drive thru
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase audit scores
  • Reduce manager and team member frustrations
  • Fewer to do lists

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Program Details:
*Limit one 2 hrs for price of 1 per year per location.
No trip charge in: Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise.
For locations outside MSA, no trip charge if combined when tech in area for other Service.
Auto schedule no obligation next call when installation or service call performed (cancel anytime).