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Keep Your Drive Thru Humming – Before It’s Too Late

By August 26, 2022August 31st, 2022No Comments

If the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is true, maintaining the health of your drive thru is worth its weight in gold when you depend on it to serve customers efficiently.  An average of 50 million Americans visit drive thrus daily, each spending $1200 annually and accounting for up to 90% of a restaurant’s overall revenue.

In fact, QSRs note an uptick in orders during peak times of up to 60%! Losing that revenue due to something as simple as dead headset batteries or malfunctioning stack cameras doesn’t need to happen when companies are proactive rather than reactive about keeping their systems in tip-top shape.

Whether your drive thru business is part of your restaurant, bank, pharmacy, or other business, preventive maintenance saves you money when you address issues BEFORE they become problems.  Ignoring potential problems can lead to your drive thru being offline and customers going elsewhere.

We understand. And we have your back with a program to keep your drive thru humming.

Highmark Communications’ Before It’s Too Late Program was created to eliminate surprises and headaches related to part failures that inevitably happen, often at the worst possible time. It’s designed to focus on the unique areas of your drive thru business, report on components that need attention, and even provide two hours of preventative maintenance. It can help you stay open,  responsive, and ahead of your competition. Here’s how it works.

Drive Thru Big 6 Inspection

Our Before It’s Too Late program begins with an onsite inspection, once a year, to assess the most common points of failure in your drive thru. We take a focused look at the critical physical and technical aspects of your drive thru. We look for weaknesses or potential issues with vehicle detection, base station, team headsets, timers, and stack cameras.

Condition Report

After a thorough inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report of what we found, including:

  • Status of vehicle detection loops
  • Status of speakers and microphones
  • Age, software version, and headset compatibility with your base station
  • Headset quality
  • Age and status of batteries
  • Summary of timer settings
  • Stack camera resolution and picture quality

This information can be vital in helping your business make decisions around budgeting and future maintenance plans.

Preventive Maintenance

Next, anything that our technicians can do in two hours – from removing built-up dirt and grime, to performing small repairs, and adjusting your equipment – is done right on site! This provides you not only peace of mind, but keeps your drive thru humming and revenue coming in.

Before It’s Too Late is an easy choice for drive thru owners. In addition to keeping your technology performing at its best, you get 10% off any items needing repair, parts used onsite, and labor costs for any additional onsite work requested. It’s a small price to pay – only $143 per location per year – to avoid after-hour service calls, increase productivity, and reduce downtime.

Talk to Highmark today – before it’s too late!

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