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Listening Makes the Difference: How Inta Juice Found the Perfect Fit

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Inta Juice

Over 17 years ago, Steve and Joanna Roberts opened their Inta Juice franchise in Longmont, Colorado. At that time, Highmark installed three HME 6000 headsets for their team. High-tech in 2004, these analog, belt pack headsets were showing their age. Steve and Joanna didn’t think they could afford the latest state-of-the-art headsets and were considering the cost of upgrading with refurbished headsets.

During a visit to provide repairs in Spring of 2020, Highmark customer service rep Terri Crowe noticed that Steve and Joanna’s business had needed about $1600 worth of repairs over the previous two years. Caring about the Roberts’ business success and bottom line, Terri pointed out that it might be a good time to take a look at replacement alternatives to lower overall operating costs.

The Roberts and their team went to Highmark’s Denver, Colorado location to discuss the options. They were able to try headsets from a variety of manufacturers and experience the difference for themselves. Listening made all the difference, and the choice was clear!

“We were surprised what an easy decision it was when we could actually try the headsets side by side,” Joanna remarked. “We were blown away by how much had changed in headset technology. It was nice to test the quality first hand before we made the purchase.”

In less than a month from that visit, Highmark had the new HME EOS headsets installed at Inta Juice. While refurbished headsets would have cost a minimum of $3500, the cost to install three new headsets with the latest technology was only $5200. The system came with a manufacturer’s 2-year warranty on the headsets and 1-year warranty on all components. In addition, Highmark added a 2-year onsite warranty with advanced exchange. This means that if a headset needs to be sent in for a warranty repair, Highmark will install a substitute headset during the repair time.

“What’s great about these headsets is that the wireless HD technology filters out the background sounds and makes it easier for team members to hear what customers are ordering,” explained Highmark CEO, Alex Vorobieff. “To get high QSR customer satisfaction scores, customers need to hear you and you need to hear them to ensure correct orders. The HME EOS headsets have software that removes extraneous noise like diesel engines and improves sound quality for better voice clarity on both ends.”

“Going to the Highmark location was definitely worth our time,” Steve concluded. “They helped us compare our options. We appreciated the time Alex and his team took to listen and answer all the questions we had. Our employees absolutely love this system!”

Highmark provides in-person demos at its offices in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Boise, as well as on-location at customer sites. Call Highmark to set up your own personal demo to discuss your needs, try out the many technology options, ask questions, and find the perfect fit.

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