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High Tech History

Founded in 1996, we quickly became the drive through experts because of our focus on the latest technology solutions. Our passion to provide the high-tech edge to anyone needing a kicking drive thru has made us the single-source drive thru leader in the Rocky Mountain region and across the country as our customers expand.

High Standards Focus

We take the time to know your name and your needs. We are not the manufacturer, so we can objectively offer a vast breadth of solutions. Our only interest is to listen and provide you with the ideal fit for your locations in the timetable you need.

Our US-based service techs are available 24×7 and we guarantee your satisfaction. We are with you to install, maintain, and upgrade your drive thrus as you grow and technology advances.


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Our Highest Commitments to You

Our US-based service techs are available 24×7 and we guarantee your satisfaction. We are with you every step of the way to install, maintain and upgrade your technology as you grow and advance.

Installation of Equipment

You name the brand, we can probably install it. But wait, we also always cover our installs with a one-year on-site warranty.

Money Back Guarantee

We’re always ready to go the extra mile and if you’re not happy after 90 days, we’ll take it out. For free!

Headset Exchange Program

Avoid equipment down-time with our exchange program. We’ll send you a working headset and you send us the broken one. Yep, it’s that simple.

4 for 4 Financing

Looking for a bit of financial flexibility? We will happily spread payments out over four months with no interest so you can invest where you need to, when you need to.

On-site Warranty

You can buy with confidence with our factory + one-year on-site warranty. No, we’re not crazy, our team just likes to make it simple.

Live Customer Care

If your equipment stops working, regardless of type make or model, call our team for free troubleshooting at no cost to you.

Flexible Invoicing

If you need 3 headsets but your budget is tight, request flexible invoicing and we will send you the three headsets and bill you one headset a month for three months.

36 & 60 Month Financing

If your total project cost is over $3K we can finance your equipment over 36-60 months upon a credit approval. Don’t put off major capital improvements, get what you need today.

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