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Single Source Solution for a Great Customer Experience

By September 19, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments

It all begins with a high-level vision of what your drive thru must deliver so you can map out a plan that provides you with the exact equipment you’ll need, right from the start. As a matter of fact, at a recent National Restaurant Association (NRA) show, a new customer shared his frustration and relief. “There are so many options in terms of tools, technology and equipment that can be integrated to improve the customer experience and grow drive thru sales. But where do I start? It’s overwhelming to think about sourcing the screens, software, communications system, timer, speaker posts, vehicle detection equipment, camera, and everything else myself. What a relief to learn that I can go to one company to design, integrate, install, and maintain all the equipment!”

Let’s face it! You can have a unique product, ensure that it’s always readily available, and price it so that it’s an exceptional value – yet it’s the unique, exceptional, customer experience that keeps them coming back, builds loyalty, and creates raving fans. Give your customers a negative experience and wave bye-bye.

If your business offers drive thru, drive up, or curbside service, you face the extra challenge of making a personal impression and engaging customers through the technology you choose – often including only seconds of actual human contact – to make that all-important connection and provide outstanding personal service. To accomplish this, time and again, one customer at a time, you need equipment that doesn’t draw attention to itself with less than stellar sound quality or hard to interpret digital menu boards or visual displays – but instead acts as the sensorial bridge that connects you and your customer.

We know drive thrus! And we know the questions to ask about your business. We listen first to be certain we understand your needs before recommending a solution. Some points to consider include:

  • What characterizes the experience you are trying to create? Efficiency, personal engagement, line busting, visually rich, or all of the above?
  • What’s the average drive thru time experience for your customer?
  • What’s your typical store layout?
  • How do you ensure an efficient presentation window?
  • Does your communication system need to connect workers in different areas and/or both inside and outside?
  • How is your building constructed in terms of types of ceilings, equipment rack locations, conduit availability, and driveway surface?
  • How many cars can be accommodated between your order point and presentation window?
  • Do you utilize pull-forward spots?
  • Do you have mobile order pick up spots?

All these factors impact the design and implementation of your system. Each drive thru business is unique and works within a budget. And we’ll understand yours thoroughly. There is no one-size-fits-all. Highmark may recommend new equipment, refurbished products, or even repairs. But be assured – it will work for you. And once you decide and choose your system, we’re there for you with ongoing maintenance and support.

Drive thru expectations now extend to multiple types of industries, for which the right technology is now an integral part. No matter your business, if you offer drive thru or drive up customer solutions, Highmark is the go-to, single-source, solutions provider for all your needs. From engaging sound systems to interactive displays, we’re your partner in creating a comprehensive system – perfect for your business needs – that keeps you efficient while providing a unique and impactful customer experience. Let’s talk!

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